Looking for information or a trusted contractor for external rendering in Eastbourne? Is your exterior wall looking a bit old, outdated wanting some care and focus? Whatever look you’re after we can supply a quality material and finish well suited for your home.

Rendering in Eastbourne

a recent project for external rendering in eastbourneRender is applied to the exterior walls of a building which provides a protective coating from the elements. This can add both insulation and a water-resistant coat to the building. This system could also be used to up-date the appearance of your property, helping you to conceal damaged or outdated brickwork. The finish can be designed for any type of property. We can offer a range of both smooth and textured finishes with diverse grain sizes, and we can apply diverse techniques to the render duplicating original features the property might have, be it blockwork, stonework or shadow lines to replicate traditional ashlar. There’s a huge selection of colours available, we’re also able to match colours which might already exist on your property that you want to retain.

External Rendering

Although the construction method referred to as rendering is indeed a common choice for high-quality exterior finishes, many property owners will not be informed about the benefits associated with this process. Due to the fact that a growing number of properties are selecting this alternative to give their homes with a quality and weather-resistant finish, it seems sensible to take a brief look at what rendering in Eastbourne involves, the rewards that it offers and the reliable materials which we at Pristine Plastering will implement.

What Are the Benefits associated with these Techniques?

Rendering involves applying a thin coating of a cement-like material directly over established exterior walls and other structures; supplying the home owner a number of different advantages. Some of these will include:

  • An extraordinary choice of colours.
  • Adding a level of weather resistance to a home.
  • Lots of high quality textures and finishes.
  • Renderings are highly water resistant and will help protect any exterior.
  • A finish which will last as long as the house itself!

K Rend Rendering in Eastbourne

Our supplier K Rend offers an extra level of durability that is not seen in many other products with the inclusion of silicone (excellent for waterproofing). Also, the sand used offers differing characteristics that range between fine and course. This allows different styles to be obtained easily.

In advance of application, our team of highly qualified plasterers will make certain that the exterior surfaces are clean and dry. This will allow the render to properly stick while preventing any air pockets from forming along the way. We will then apply the render using tools such as sponges, brushes and trowels to achieve the preferred visual appearance.

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We use a number of different manufacturers and systems for rendering in Eastbourne so there will be something which caters for your needs and budget. In addition there are many colours and textures to suit any property. All products we deal with are professionally installed by knowledgeable applicators. Please phone us or check out our contact page to organise a free of charge no obligation quote. Visit our case studies page to see some wall coating and exterior rendering projects we have been involved with in the past.


project by prestine plastering - image shows internal rendering in eastbourne