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project for lime plastering in eastbourne - image shows the high quality finish from pristine plastering Need a trusted contractor for lime plastering in Eastbourne? Pristine Plastering work nation wide using traditional lime plastering on full houses or small repairs and refurbishments. As a company we conduct repairs to older plasterwork to stabilise and secure ceilings and wall space. We also repair or replace plaster and damaged mouldings on grade one and grade two listed properties. We carry out traditional external lime render, on english heritage projects.

Do you own a listed building or historic property? Pristine Plastering has more than 15 years experience working on heritage buildings from individual property owners to schools, chapels as well as other protected buildings in Eastbourne. Contact us today to organise your cost-free quote or talk about your needs.

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Lime plastering in Eastbourne is mainly based in the refurbishment of the older properties which of late there has been resurgence throughout the UK. We ourselves as a company have also carried out many restoration projects using the more traditional lime plaster to grade one and grade two listed buildings throughout the UK.

This kind of plaster is a traditional material for period properties and is normally required by english heritage in there refurbishment.

Lime plaster has been in use for hundreds of years a long time prior to the present day and more up-to-date sand and cement and gypsum techniques came into practice and used for the more modern buildings that are being built now.

Why do you need to use Lime Plaster?

Lime mortar, lime plasters and lime renders are a natural, breathable coating employed in older buildings made with a porous brick, or with timber framed panels. The panels were often in-filled with wattle and daub, and lime render was put on as the exterior finish coat, with lime plaster used inside.

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