About us

With more than 20 years of experience in the rendering and plastering trades, you could say that we know our way around plaster.

Our depth of knowledge in the application of plaster and render systems, the myriad of plaster techniques in use today and application considerations is paramount to our reputation..


Industry Leader

We strive to be an indsutry leader in the trade and to establish great relationships with our customers in throughout Eastbourne.


Exceptional Services

“Through work ethic, high quality service and accountability we guarantee the highest standards in rendering and plastering, with contracts always completed on time and to the highest of industry standards”


  • Safety – We always ensure a safe working area
  • Trust – We guarantee our customers integrity, a fair price and respect on every project!
  • Teamwork – Whether its our workforce or your contracted builders, architects or other associated trades, we believe in cooperation at all times.
  • Leadership – Through accountability we hone engagement and competency
  • Personal development – we are fully committed to ongoing training and development.